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Thursday, April 28, 2005

World66 vs. Lonely Planet

Well, this just goes to show that I really should really explore a site properly before I post about it!
World66 on your phone
"And for those of you who have a phone with GPRS and know how to roam, please use or XHTML-guide. You can access it at world66.com/alt/xhtml. It automatically starts with the homepage of the country you're in. So if you access it from Marrakesh, it starts with the Morocco page.
It's still in Beta, so please let us know if you have any problems. We also like to hear positive feedback, by the way!
If you have a phone that allows you to read PDF files, you can of course also download the PDf guides. It's up to you."
I guess the value that LBS can add is much more specific information, down to the street-level perhaps? Now that I'm having a wee exploration of mobile travel guides, I notice that Lonely Planet actually does offer mobile services. On one hand, Lonely Planet has huge brand awareness & value (ranked 5th in the Asia Pacific region). On the other hand, World66 is free, contains collaborative user-created content, and has the potential to spread like a virus through the blogosphere. Which one would you go for? Please email me your comments! =)


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