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Monday, April 04, 2005

ColonDot & RedBlog

Fantastic! Another LBS blog joins the blogosphere:

An attempt to track the interesting web pages i come across relating to media delivery to mobile devices and location-based services.
Speaking of new mobile-oriented blogs, make sure you check out RedBlog, by Jon Beverley of RunTheRed. =)

Finally, I should really remember to keep up with what's going on at iStart, 'New Zealand's e-business & e-commerce solutions, research, case studies.' Unfortunately, they have no RSS feed, so that makes things slightly more difficult! I still subscribe to their email newsletter though. One of their newest stories is about PTT (push-to-talk), and while they did explain the current situation in NZ with regard to PTT quite nicely, I found their intro paragraph,
'Believe the hype! Set to rival texting as mobility’s next ‘killer application’, Push To Talk has finally arrived'
...a bit difficult to swallow. They even say it themselves in the last paragraph:
"Who is most likely to embrace PTT technology?
As PTT requires a defined user group to commit to a unified purchase simultaneously (a construction company, a taxi fleet etc) it’s likely that both Telecom and Vodafone will be going after the business market first. While there is nothing stopping anybody from buying a PTT phone, it requires an active user group to be of much use in PTT terms, so widespread consumer uptake will be slower."
I think PTT is kind of like MMS, but even less consumer-oriented. Hope Vodafone & Telecom aren't banking on it too much, or maybe they know exactly what they're doing? I don't know anyone who's ever used PTT here in NZ - I'm slightly biased, but why not invest in more LBS instead?
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