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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Melodious Walkabout

Via near near future: Melodious Walkabout
A Diploma Thesis on 'Implicit Navigation with Contextualized Audio Contents'
"Melodious Walkabout is a PDA-based auditory navigation system. It provides a mobile user with awareness where the destination is located by contextualizing audio contents the user is listening to. The mobile user wears headphones and hears audio contents that reach him from a certain direction. The direction of the virtual sound source unobtrusively tells him in which direction to go."
Very interesting, and the first example of an audio-based LBS I have come across. However, I think that for practical reasons, it'll probably be better if used in conjunction with map-based GUIs. While some people may prefer auditory stimuli, others may prefer to visualise things graphically - it really depends on the individual. I'd be interested to read the actual paper, if it's been published... Though I'm already swamped with papers for my lit review as it is! I will post the links to all the location-based tourism papers I've found via Google Scholar and various databases later.

By the way, unfortunately I've had to disable the comments for this blog - however, if you'd still like to comment on or discuss any topics I cover here, please email me at clararar at gmail.com or clara.leung at auckland.ac.nz. Thanks! =)


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