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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

In others' words

Via the excellently insightful Pondering Primate: Local mobile search? Hold the phone
This post pretty much echos my sentiments about the issue, so I won't repeat the same thing here. =)

I also saw a Herald article about how hype kills mobile services, which is oh-so-true! At the moment there is a huge onslaught of marketing communications from both Telecom & Vodafone regarding PTT (push-to-talk); however, I would be interested to see the real uptake numbers. Due to the issue of cost, probably only businesses can afford to adopt it, and even then they may benefit more from Vodafone's TalkZoneZero or Telecom's business capped rates plans... Let's come back to this in six month's time and see if PTT is another dead duck in NZ's mobile waters...
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