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LBS & tourism through the eyes of a postgrad marketing student in New Zealand.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


An extremely useful website for anyone doing research concerned with New Zealand Tourism:

Tourism Research Council
The international visitor survey data for our German tourists definitely looks like it fits pretty well within the 'interactive traveller' category! The nice German couple I met while tramping the Pinnacles walk fits perfectly within this description. When it comes to my interviews, I'll have to make sure that I have some German respondents. Now I have to wade through all of the other data to build up a better profile of the 'interactive traveller', i.e. the main target market for location-based (LB) tourism apps. And there is oh so much data to wade through!

While I remember, I should mention The Yellow Arrow Project, a fantastic example of electronic tagging & LBS. I could definitely see something like that taking off in Auckland, what with the popularity of hip hop culture and the penetration of txt msging... Now for someone to actually implement it...


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