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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Greedy Carriers

I just joined up with Technorati and here's one of the first LBS-related blog entries I found:
Yes, Your Phone Has GPS - But You Can't Use It
Sad but true - and this isn't the first example of firms closing off innovation in the name of self-interest, either.

Thing is, LBS requires cooperation from so many different parties (yellow/white pages, the retailers themselves, the carriers, the mobile phone manufacturers, marketers, and most importantly the consumer) that it's simply too much of a hassle for someone to go 'right, let's provide this LBS app' and expect it to be a success.

Therefore, who's going to complain to the carriers that they're standing in the way of progress when they're imposing these sorts of restrictions on their phones? The consumers? Nobody even knows what LBS is!

If only the big guns at the carriers had blogs. With comments enabled.
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