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Monday, March 28, 2005

The latest on LBS via Technorati

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I've got to re-defend my thesis soon and it's getting a bit hectic... but just thought I'd better note down the following articles:

To BREW or not to BREW (in NZ) from An Enterprise Architect in NZ
"BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), allows mobile developers to put code directly into a user's handset and execute it without worrying about network-level events, such as breaks for SMS messages. The resulting consumer goodies (such as location-based services, games, and specialized ring tones) are delivered directly to the user's handset by the cell network, usually by subscription, with profits shared by the developer, the carrier, and Qualcomm itself."
[UPDATE: To BREW or not to BREW - Part Two. I tried to use the TrackBack URLs at first but for some reason they never work for me...]

Via pasta & vinegar: Lampposts to provide location-based services?
I like Nicolas Nova's take on the article
"Apart from that other interesting and RELEVANT uses?"

Your cellphone is a homing device
Especially start reading from:
"THE WIRELESS INDUSTRY HAS A NAME FOR SUCH CUSTOM-TAILORED HAWKING: "location-based services," or LBS. The idea is that GPS chips can be used to locate friends, find the nearest pizzeria, or ensure that Junior is really at the library rather than a keg party. One estimate expects LBS to be a $15 billion market by 2007, a much-needed boost for the flagging telecom sector."

A list of some interesting LBS startups
- Telcontar: software and platform for location based services
- uLocate Communication: location-based services (LBS) focused on the consumer and small-business markets
- Wavemarket: location based blogging and alerts
- InfoMove: safely deliver personalized information to consumers while in the vehicle
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