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Thursday, March 31, 2005

It is all about

I'm so excited! Just discovered a blog which is the most directly relevant to my thesis that I've come across so far:

It is all about
"Trying to keep tabs on our new geo annoted world being created where the world will be the way to search all information and knowledge. From geo notations, georeferenced photos, geoparsed documents, location based services, geospatial search and virtual tourism to how to find out if a friend is nearby."
Too bad it hasn't been updated since December 2004, though. Have added the feed to my Bloglines, of course - I hope the author's going to start writing again sometime this year, if not, I guess I will just have to pick up where they left off... This is exactly why I love the blogosphere - just when you think you've got everything covered, you'll find something fresh and insightful. =) Note to self: try to find more geography/GIS-oriented blogs.

On a side note, I just came across this rather old article on Siemens & SMS graffiti - just thought I'd note it down in case I forget about it later.
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