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LBS & tourism through the eyes of a postgrad marketing student in New Zealand.

Monday, August 01, 2005


There are so many LBS apps popping up at the moment all over the blogosphere that sometimes I'm not sure whether I've already blogged about it or not! I don't think I've come across this one before though: UpMyStreet starts geo-targeted ad campaigns
"Local information site Upmystreet has begun two new geographically targeted campaigns in a bid, offering clients ad space that is only visible to users in specific regions in the UK.

UpMyStreet provides visitors with local neighbourhood information and services based on their postcode."

The UK seems to be catching onto location-based tourism pretty quickly! I wonder if any of the British travellers who were in my focus groups will notice this more when they get back home..? =) Speaking of which, I still have two focus groups to finish transcribing before Wednesday! Better get back to work...


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