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Monday, July 25, 2005

Mobile news roundup

Been quite busy doing my traveller focus groups lately, so haven't really had much time to keep up with my feeds, nor write many posts here, but will try to rectify that soon! Here are some interesting articles I came across just now anyway:

MY|Blog for Pocket PC
Basically it's a program which automatically uploads a photo taken on a Pocket PC phone to an internet web server; the really exciting part is how it also automatically tags location information with the photo as well! This would be perfect for travellers...

MSN Virtual Earth now available in beta
I was already quite impressed by that Channel 9 video, but how will the actual user experience compare to Google Earth? In the end though, it's not a matter of who 'wins' or not, if there's competition, then the products will get better faster, and the consumers will have more choices! So everybody wins...

Wired: When Cell Phones Become Oracles

A story about an MIT Media Lab project, which tracks participants' phones to then develop an algorithm to predict their behaviour... potentially huge for mobile marketers! But really interesting social implications as well, of course... Must try to get hold of the related academic papers, if I can!


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