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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Personal World Map

Another extremely cool thing that I couldn't not blog about, found via near near future, which is definitely one of my favourite blogs (if not my absolute favourite blog) of all time.

Personal World Map
Here's the first paragraph from the about section, though it's definitely worth it to read the whole thing:
"At this moment, in which information flows through our planet in intervals of time that human beings are not even able to imagine, time seems to be playing a more important role than distance. The supremacy of time over distance is not only real for the flow of information but also for our movements across the earth. Places which are more accessible seem to get “closer” to each other while less accessible places become isolated. This fact clearly affects our perception of the earth."
Obviously this is all quite new, and I can't fault them for not having Auckland or Wellington in as a potential starting point, but isn't that the problem with most new local tech apps? Both Google & MSN's local searches are completely useless if you live in Auckland. That aside, it's amazing how intuitive the PWM interface is, and really shows the usefulness of differentiating between travel time space, money space and geographical space.

Again, this is absolutely perfect for tourists, especially the 'new media traveller'! I will keep an eye out, and hopefully they will eventually add some Australiasian destinations to the map... =)


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