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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Looks like there's another location-based digital graffiti project - Rixome. Here's the blurb from near near future:
"rixome is a network and a tool that turns mobile screens into windows that show the virtual and public dimensions of our point of view.

A walker (a rixome user) can see on his/her mobile phone/PDA/laptop screen the virtual interventions that have been added to the location where s/he now stands. For example, a spoken message can be left on a given location for other "walkers" to hear through headphones whenever they pass by. The message can also be written, or it can be a 3D animation or image, a photography, a drawing, a video."
What I'd really love to know is, when will there be something like this available in New Zealand, and will it be just a short-term research project, or will it be ongoing? Hopefully the latter!


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