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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cellphedia & FoundCity

TheFeature has a nice article out called 'Phone App Writers: The Next Generation', which discusses a few of the projects presented at New York University's annual Interactive Telecommunications Program event. As usual, people have already put into action some really cool-looking ideas, including Cellphedia and FoundCity, both of which look extremely relevant for LBS.

Cellphedia is "a cell phone application that promotes the sharing of knowledge. It allows to send and receive encyclopedia-type inquiries between specific, pre-defined groups of users, through Text messaging. Users can register here on this site and start building the quick-reference Cellphedia-type encyclopedia entries, by asking other users and answering other users' questions where-ever cell phone service is available."

& FoundCity is "a social mapping tool for creating a personalized map of your life on-the-fly. Using your mobile phone, you "tag" or capture photos throughout the day, label them with any words you want, and send them to your map. At home, you access and customize your map, which you can share with friends, keep private, or publish openly."

Sounds interesting! Again, slim to no hope of those services being available in New Zealand... ah well.


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