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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

APC: Access Point Compass

It seems like I'm trying to make up for not blogging for a whole week by having three posts within one day...

via near near future: Access Point Compass
An interesting university project about... well, the following blurb puts it best!
"APCompass is the prototype application of the gpsMiddleware platform. It uses GPS technologies integrated with a community maintained database to allow people to explore their local wireless networks. There is an emphasis on pioneering and exploration as users seek out new nodes to extend the database. The project considers issues of privacy, by ensuring every action performed by the user is broadcasted to a central server for anyone to see. Drawing on David Brin's idea of a ‘Transparent Society' APCompass encourages collaboration and accountability as users appreciate the fact that their actions are being constantly monitored."
If there are so many bright university students launching into the user-collaborative sphere, there must be a logical reason for that! And I'm really looking forward to the day that it's truly embraced by the commercial world... I also like this bit from the 'theory' section of the APC site:
"Wireless networking is an affordable way of exchanging information over large distances. When linked together, these individual ‘nodes' produce a larger ad-hoc network that has no centralised control. There are numerous projects that are looking to develop these ‘free networks' all over the globe as sources of free information."
It has a really Smartmobs ring to it... =) I'm actually still going through that book because the first time I started, I got somewhat interrupted. But I think that I will definitely have to add another whole section in my literature review about collaborative user-to-user technologies! The more that firms learn how to interact intelligently with their empowered consumers, the better it'll be for everyone!


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