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Monday, November 07, 2005

Sharing travel experiences: WAYN, TravelBlog & TravelPod

If a traveller wants to write about their travel experiences during their time abroad, while services like Blogger & Flickr have much wider recognition among internet users, there are also specialised sites designed specifically for this purpose, e.g. WAYN, TravelBlog & TravelPod. WAYN (Where Are You Now) looks especially interesting because of its focus on the user's current location. I'm assuming you have to update your location status manually, but I'm sure there would be a way to integrate the information from your mobile device to do this automatically.

However, I have doubts about these types of services being adopted by the mass market - perhaps that is not what they are trying to do in any case, but for the majority of people who only travel a few weeks a year (as opposed to constantly), it may make more sense to stick to general sites in order to share their travel experiences, as they may already have an established reader base and a familiar URL. For example, if I wanted to keep friends and family informed while I was overseas, I would just post entries to my LiveJournal instead of starting a new blog on a specialised service. Then again, just like Wikitravel & World66 (see my previous entry), there is probably more than enough room for both types of services to coexist happily while serving different markets!


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