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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Here I Am - NZ GPS vehicle tracking

Long time no post! I guess the thought of there being less than 2 months before I have to hand in my thesis is a bit of a dampener on trying to keep up with all the LBS news that's out there and blogging about it... However, saw this in the Herald today and thought I should probably post it cause it's local. =)

GPS tracker helps keep drivers honest
"Wedd and his wife Kath Jones established Here I Am this year after identifying what they saw as a gap in the market for GPS tracking technology that could be easily accessed by customers over the internet.

Location details and travel history from a Here I Am GPS locator device in a vehicle or carried by a person are relayed to the company's server, where they can be accessed by any internet-capable device - computer, PDA or cellphone.

Clients can view a visual image of a vehicle's journey and receive emails or text messages when it speeds or travels outside a designated zone.
The service is not cheap. The in-vehicle locator units sell for between $948 and $1349, plus a monthly charge of $35 to $60."
So it's not totally accessible to anyone (due to the high cost) but I guess it's slowly getting there! However, once again we should remember the warning points about child tracking... to paraphrase Russell Buckley (I think), technology is no substitute for good parenting!


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