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Monday, September 12, 2005

GPS Tourism in Madrid

I know I've been rather quiet here lately, been rather focused on the transcription and analysis of my focus groups, as well as writing more thesis chapters... However, I stumbled across this on Engadget today and found it too relevant for me to ignore!

Spanish City Gets High-Tech Buggies

MADRID, Spain - Attention, tourists: Forget about stumbling on cobblestone and fumbling through guide books in stifling heat. Entrepreneurs in the Spanish city of Cordoba have devised battery-powered sightseeing cars with computers that talk.

The vehicles boast Global Positioning Satellite technology that provides passengers with their location and explains attractions with its tactile screen or audio recordings.

The project joins GPS tourism efforts in places like Montgomery, Ala., where IntelliTours LLC offers audio tours of Civil War and civil-rights sites using similar technology.

So far, Romeo's firm touts a fleet of ten cars, which plod quietly at either 15 or 25 miles per hour and can seat two or four people apiece, depending on the model.

Renting a two-seater for three hours costs $50.
"Cordoba is not on the cutting edge, so to speak, economically or technologically speaking. But the society we live in is the information society, which offers free technologies," Romeo said. "You can create whatever is inside your head."


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