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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Freetext for an enrolment pack

I saw this on my way home today:

enrol to vote via txt

It's not the first (or only) example of a marketing message having an integrated SMS element, but I thought I'd write about it because it's a very good example of one, since:
1) it's free,
2) it's clear what you have to do to use it, i.e. txt your name & address to 3676 and they will send you an enrolment pack (as opposed to the Rideline SMS service), &
3) it's perfectly targeted toward younger people who've just turned 18 and have yet to register to vote, since most of them would be more comfortable with the SMS medium than with the 0800 number

Their marketing campaign could still do with some improvements, though - the other day, everyone in my family got a letter from Elections New Zealand saying 'if your details are the same, you don't need to do anything - if not, please send this back with your updated details'. Since everyone's details were still the same, it basically meant a complete waste of paper for both them and us. So, if there was some way to confirm your details electronically before they sent these unnecessary letters, it would be really good... Maybe in another few years.

[18/05/05 UPDATE: Text messaging to enrol brings huge response - a really nice confirmation of the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns, when done correctly!]


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